• RIMANSI begins 2018 with Insurance Commission dialogue

    Manila—RIMANSI started 2018 with a dialogue meeting with the Insurance Commission on January 11, 2018. Participating in the meeting were RIMANSI board and management, and IC representatives, which included the Insurance Commissioner Dennis Funa. Agenda for the meeting included updates on the association’s performance, proposed recommendations in the guidelines for the registration of distribution channels, microinsurance month activities and lobbying the reiteration of  tax exemption of the microinsurance MBAs. Dialogues are conducted in partnership with the IC with the aim to foster ...

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  • RIMANSI Annual General Meeting

    Pasig—MiMAP (RIMANSI) had its three-day Annual General Meeting from March 26-28 of 2018. The AGM was guided by the theme "Deepening Outreach for Greater Financial Inclusion.” On the first day of the AGM, 22 members from 11 Mi-MBAs were oriented on the programs and services offered by MiMAP at the Medical Plaza Ortigas Building in Pasig City. Firstly, a background and history of MiMAP were presented to the participants. Then, updates and services were discussed to the Mi-MBAs. This includes the overview and information on ...

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  • Strategic Planning for Mi-MBA grantees

    Early in 2018, MiMAP (RIMANSI) helped facilitate the strategic planning for 3 Mi-MBAs; namely SEDP MBA, PBC MBA and Serviamus MBA. This component aims to help facilitate the MBAs’ planning of respective 3 to 5 year strategies regarding MBA operations, financing, organization targets, market strategies and the like.   Mr. Julio Jose Banzon, MiMAP Consultant, and Mr. Jun Jay Perez, MiMAP Executive Director, were the primary facilitators of the strategic planning of the Mi-MBAs. The process can be meticulous and extensive covering the entire operation of the ...

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