MiMAP conducts Leadership Training Workshop for 34 participants from 10 Mi-MBAs

Mandaluyong—From July 25-27 2018, MiMAP (RIMANSI) conducted the Leadership Training Workshop for Mi-MBAs at the Lancaster Hotel in Mandaluyong City. 34 participants from 10 Mi-MBAs were taught to recognize self-awareness as a key element of effective leadership in respect to governance and management functions. In turn, this affirms their commitment as leaders of a strong network of mutual microinsurers.


In preparation for the event, MiMAP management surveyed the network of Mi-MBAs in early June. The MiMAP (RIMANSI) Board members, managers and senior staff of Mi-MBAs were asked to identify key concepts and principles that they wish to learn in the workshop. This information was used to prepare for the Leadership Training Workshop and the ten sessions that would be included in the three-day module. On that account, several resource persons were invited to speak during the sessions being the respective experts on each topic.

For the first day of the  Leadership Training Workshop, speakers included Ms. Nelca Leila B. Villarin, dean of the Office of Student Affairs from DLSU, Ms. Karen V. Rendeza, LPT, RGC, RPm,  guidance counselor from the Malolos Marine Fishery School and Laboratory, Mr. Lucrecio D. Delgado, Jr., the International Program Consultant on Entrepreneurship from the Wadhwani Foundation USA in the Philippines, and Mr. Jun Jay E. Perez, MiMAP Executive Director.


Ms. Villarin started the discussions with a session on leadership concepts and principles. Aside from identifying the core elements of leadership, the concept was also differentiated with that of management. Ms. Rendeza was the resource person for the second session which was guided by the theme “Framework in Dealing with People: the Concept of a Person.” She introduced the concept of the person through the relationships individuals have with others, society and the material world, and a higher being. Mr. Delgado was the resource person for the third session which dealt with group facilitation skills. It covered the principles and concepts, particularly on how groups develop and how to foster participation. Lastly, Mr. Perez concluded the first day with a session on strengthening board and management teamwork. This portion places focus on Board leadership—clarifying roles and boundaries, board protocol, and board and GM evaluation.

On the second day, speakers were largely composed of key persons from MiMAP including Mr.

Julio F. Banzon, MiMAP consultant, Mr. Perez—who had lectured during the first day—and Mr. Camilo G. Casals, MiMAP Independent Trustee. Mr. Banzon discussed simple financial and ratio analysis for session 6. The  session places emphasis on understanding financial statements, key financial information to watch out, and understanding key ratios and its implications. For his second session, Mr. Perez discussed ways on how to handle and document meetings covering proper protocol, documentation and useful phrases for its conduct.  For the last session of the third day, Mr. Casals focused on the organizational policy development process with focus on policy role of the Mi-MBA Board, the stages of policy-making process, and policy on policies.
DSC_1160The third and last day was largely left to the conduct of Ms. Teresita G. Barcoma, Senior Administrative Assistant of the BALAYAN Social Development Office from the University of St. La Salle, Mr. Wovi W. Villanueva, an educator from the University of Makati, DLS Schools and Colegio de Santa Rosa, the VP for Marketing and Operations at the BWS Super Moon for Builders and Trading Corporation and the president of the I Vow Services and Training.
DSC_0191 (1)

Ms. Barcoma facilitated three sessions with the following topics and themes: communication skills, enhancing member relations and skills in handling conflicts and negotiations. These were for the eight, ninth and tenth sessions, respectively.  The session on communication skills focused on the basics, particularly on how to engage an audience and wording. The session on enhancing member relations on the other hand dealt with member engagement concepts and principles, leveraging the engagement touchpoints, redefining engagement at your organization. On her final session, Ms. Barcoma discussed the skills in handling conflict and negotiation; she detailed the importance and skills of conflict management and how it is done in groups.  Ms Barcoma’s sessions were followed by a brief evaluation of the workshop’s entirety. Lastly, Mr. Villanueva conducted the twelfth and final session on leadership commitment. In a more solemn session, Mr. Villanueva had participants conduct activities to realize their individual value particularly in respect to their roles in the Mi-MBAs.