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  • RIMANSI Secretariat braces for 2018

    RIMANSI Secretariat held its two-day annual work planning for 2018 regular programs and projects at Soleste Suites in Katipunan, Quezon City on November 14-15. The Secretariat individually get readied and presented their respective annual work plan for 2018 paving the way to the Association’s goal of achieving 12 million members by 2024 insuring 48 million lives (12*24*48). In addition to the regular programs and projects, the Secretariat determined undertakings to be pursued in 2018, to wit: Development of new distribution channels for Mi-MBAs; Establishment of new MBA; Enhancement of social marketing platform through newsletter, article contribution, infographics, and Facebook; Put forward specific policy agenda for ...

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  • Four microinsurance products approved by Insurance Commission

    Four microinsurance products are on its way for implementation upon release of approved rules and regulations from the Insurance Commission. Low-cost life insurance to cover life, loans, and hospitalizations are ready to be put into action for the respective members of the Mi-MBAs. The approved products include Basic Life Insurance Plan for Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives (NSCC) MBA, Credit Life Insurance Plan for Paglaum MBA, and Kazama Grameen, Inc. (KGI) MBA and Hospital Assistance Pampamilya Insurance Plan for Peoples Bank of Caraga (PBC) MBA.             NSCC MBA started its operations

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  • Lakbay-Aral series for members and staff of CARD continues

    A total of two hundred nineteen (219) CARD members and staff from varied provinces visited RIMANSI as one of the stops in their Lakbay-Aral to widen knowledge on CARD services and its key affiliates. Nine groups of CARD MRI center chiefs, unit managers, account officers and coordinators selected by CARD Bank and CARD NGO visited RIMANSI from July to December 2017. A short lecture on RIMANSI’s history, programs, and services are provided, after which the participants were toured in RIMANSI office to meet the people behind the organization.

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