Planning workshops and project monitoring conducted with Mi-MBA grantees toward market expansion

Early in 2018, MiMAP (RIMANSI) conducted planning workshops and project monitoring for several Mi-MBAs as part of the market expansion projects funded by Citi Foundation and the ICMIF.

Planning workshops were held with 6 Mi-MBAs—4K MBA, KCCDFI MBA, KGI MBA,  Paglaum MBA, SEDP MBA and QPI MBA—for the purpose of each respective market expansion process. Part of this workshop includes the formulation and operationalization of the expansion process, taking into account the budget, targets and indicators and other factors that may need to be considered by each Mi-MBA. Mi-MBAs also survey and gather information on potential partners that they can link with as part of the expansion. As much as possible, Mi-MBAs visit the potential partners to be oriented of microinsurance. Part of this visit also seeks to gather information on the prospective organization and their operations in order to gauge the feasibility of a potential partnership.


QPI MBA’s planning workshop for market expansion with Samar Crusade against Poverty, Inc.

Part of the expansion process also includes a project monitoring component to assess the market expansion and partnerships taking place.  MiMAP conducted project monitoring and assessment for 3 Mi-MBA grantees—QPI MBA, 4K MBA and CARE MBA. In these sessions, MiMAP visited the MBA and the corresponding partner to help identify trends, challenges and problems that affect the expansion efforts. Afterward, Mi-MBAs are expected to make the necessary improvements and changes as a result of the assessment.

This effort is part of MiMAP’s initiative to promote financial inclusion and reduce poverty through concerted efforts that seek to increase the number of lives and households covered by microinsurance. Through these workshops and the related projects, Mi-MBAs hope to increase outreach and penetration through prospective partners that shall aid in the promotion and/or distribution of microinsurance products and services.