Management Forum 2016 Focuses on Enterprise Risk Management


This year`s Management Forum was held last November 22 to 25. 2016 at Hotel St. Ellis in Legazpi City in Albay with a goal of expanding MBA`s knowledge in how to manage enterprise risks. The said event was presented in cooperation with SEDP MBA and is supported by the Peace and Equity Foundation and CARD MRI.

The Forum participants were welcomed by Fr. Rex Paul Arjona, the president of SEDP MBA and Mr. Jun Jay Perez, the Executive Director of MI-MAP. After which, Ms. Lee Malapad, Training and Consultancy Manager of MI-MAP, facilitated the levelling of expectations for the said forum. Ms. Fe Bataller, Operations Director of SEDP MBA discussed the importance of fostering a strong partnership between MFIs and MBAs by citing the SEDP MFI and SEDP MBA experiences. Her talk focused on how to harness social action for microinsurance distribution. Late in the afternoon, Mr. Perez of Mi-MAP returned to discuss the microinsurance MBA business model and its importance to the existence of member MBAs.

Then the participants went off to visit SEDP`s office in Daraga, Albay where they learned about SEDP`s key processes especially for microinsurance provision as discussed by Ms. Agnes Bayna, the Branch Manager of SEDP Daraga. The first day was concluded with the participants` visit at SEDCEN, SEDP`s showroom of products at Landco Business Park in Legazpi.

Day two focused on topics regarding building resiliency towards risks. Ms. Malapad once again facilitated the discussion and workshop on strategic planning. In this activity, participants were asked to review and revisit their respective mission and vision in their MBAs to highlight possible strengths and weaknesses. This workshop is in segue to the next topic, the overview of the enterprise risk management. Mr. Julio Banzon, the consultant for Enterprise Risk Management of MI-MAP, shared several insights on ERM and also tackled the steps in developing a risk policy. He also facilitated the workshop on risk register. In this activity, participants determined various risks that may be encountered by their MBA and how they would deal with those risks. Late in the afternoon, Dr. Epifanio Maniebo, the president of RIMANSI Mutual Solutions Insurance Agency, talked about providing comprehensive risk protection. The day ended with the participant`s tour at the Cagsawa Ruins in Daraga, Albay.

After recapping the second day of the forum, Ms. Rachelle Rivas started the third day of the forum through the discussion on IC circular on MBA loan to partner-MFIs. Ms. Lalaine M. Joyas, former Executive Director of the Microfinance Council of the Philippines Inc., followed-up with a discussion on how to understand and adhere to performance standards for microfinance institutions. To complement her discussion, she facilitated a workshop on how to go about the PESO rating computation. The Forum also focused on necessary requirements and processes imposed by the Insurance Commission before approving any microinsurance product through the talk of Ms. Edna Bernales, Supervising Insurance Specialist of the Insurance Commission’s Actuarial Division. The afternoon session proceeded with the talk and workshop on creating projected financial statements facilitated by Ms. Jaisa Gapuz, the compliance officer of ASKI MBA. Ms. Gapuz emphasized the importance of financial statements in foreseeing and mitigating risks. Mr. Gideon De Jesus of Mi-MAP talked and facilitated a workshop on activity-based costing. The day was capped with a socials night hosted by SEDP MBA after the participants’ visit at the office of SEDP MBA.

The last day of the Forum was started by Mr. De Jesus of Mi-MAP. His discussion was on how to go about the performance and compliance management. It was followed by the last speaker, Mr. Raul Tumangday, the compliance officer of the National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines, with his talk on fraud risk management. Before the forum was formally concluded, Fr. Jose Victor Lobrigo, the President of SEDP gave a brief message to the participants. Mr. Roberto Dalit, General Manager of SEDP MBA, concluded the four-day forum through his closing remarks.

Ms. Malapad, who also served as the over-all organizer of the Management Forum 2016, emphasized that the forum`s over-all goal which was the importance of a well-devised strategic plan which will lead to mitigation of risks among MBA. She added that this will also help in strengthening the connection between microfinance institutions and their partner MBAs which can lead to minimized effects of risks.

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