About us

RIMANSI Organization for Asia and the Pacific, Inc. (RIMANSI) was established in March 2005 as a regional resource center based in the Philippines to help professionalize the management of mutual benefit associations and microinsurance programs that provide affordable, comprehensive, and quality risk protection to millions of poor people in Asia and the Pacific.

Towards this purpose, RIMANSI provides assistance in developing risk management solutions to member-owned microinsurers, especially mutual benefit associations, strengthening their capacity in providing risk protection services to the poor on a sustainable basis. RIMANSI also advocates for a policy environment conducive to microinsurance development. Likewise, RIMANSI engages in research and development activities in collaboration with other policy think-tanks, regulators, and practitioners to further contribute in the microinsurance industry.

RIMANSI is promoting the mutual benefit association (MBA) approach as an effective and sustainable means to microinsurance development. This model has been popularized by the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Mutual Benefit Association (CARD MBA). The MBA approach has clear advantages for the poor in that higher benefits could be provided for contributions made by the members due to efficiency gains of the MFI tie-up. Also, the members are able to determine the benefit packages that they want through feedback during the product design phase. Business-wise, MBAs are able to deal better with risk management barriers such as collection of premiums, management of covariant risks, moral hazard and adverse selection because of their synergy with MFI operations.

RIMANSI is also a member of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF), a global organization representing cooperative and mutual insurers from around the world that aims to actively involve members and key external influencers to create a sustainable environment for the cooperative and mutual industry to grow and prosper.