Our Services

As a technical resource provider, RIMANSI delivers its services to microfinance institutions and other interested organizations through two basic service packages. In the future, a continuing series of service packages will be introduced as the mutual insurance associations progress to different stages of its microinsurance program.

Service Package 1
is set to establish and start the operations of a mutual insurance association or program.

  1. Market research
  2. Business planning
  3. Conduct of actuarial study (product development)
  4. Installation of simple MIS
  5. Registration and Licensing
  6. Operations Training
  7. Monitoring and on-call assistance during the initial phase

Service Package 2 is intended to reinforce the long-term sustainability of the mutual insurance association or program by:

  1. Annual conduct of an external performance review
  2. Annual conduct of a needs assessment study
  3. Sourcing of technical assistance in line with needs assessment and/or cost sharing in provision of technical assistance and systems development and upgrade
  4. Access of designated actuaries to the network data pool for improved accuracy and reliability in insurance event forecasting and financial projections
  5. Support to product and operations research and development in line with strategic goals
  6. Facilitate development of microinsurance partner agent contracts as needed
  7. Initiate policy research and advocacy in line with external threats and regulatory issues
  8. Facilitate participation of network partners in conferences, workshops, study tours and exchanges
  9. Engagement in consultancy assignments
  10. Facilitate participation in resource mobilization, sharing and pooling initiatives of microinsurance networks