Mission & Vision


insurance-overA network of professionally-managed Mutual Benefit Associations owned and managed by the members that provide affordable, comprehensive, quality micro-insurance products and services to millions of poor people in Asia and the Pacific.


handWe are a resource center that develops and offers risk management solutions to member-owned micro-insurers, especially Mutual Benefit Associations, strengthening their capacity in providing risk and social protection services to the poor on a sustainable basis. We advocate for a policy environment conducive to micro-insurance.


  1. Assist partner MFIs establish their own microinsurance programs, especially MBAs that serve millions of poor households
  2. Design and formulate appropriate microinsurance products for the poor
  3. Formulate and promote Performance Standards aligned with international best practices
  4. Promote mutual assistance and sharing of resources, technology, and information among stakeholders
  5. Build the financial infrastructure of microinsurance through research, education, and policy advocacy
  6. Become a self-reliant and sustainable service provider.