• MiMAP Members Scored High in ACGS 2015

    The Microinsurance MBA Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MiMAP) members scored higher than the entire insurance industry in last year’s ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS) reporting. The ACGS is an annual compliance requirement of the Insurance Commission aimed to raise corporate governance standards and practices of ASEAN companies. Of the highest possible score of 128, the members accumulated an average score of 33.37 compared to the 32.33 of the insurance industry. It is reported that within the Association, majority of the total scores were between 33 ...

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  • Insurance Commissioner commended MiMAP in the recently held General Assembly

    Insurance Commissioner Emmanuel Dooc applauded the Microinsurane MBA Association of the Philippines, Inc (MiMAP) for its constant dedication to promote and improve the welfare of the insurance industry in raising the bar higher for MBAs. During the 2016 General Assembly of MiMAP, Commissioner Dooc said that the association has been instrumental in empowering and protecting millions of Filipinos in the fulfillment of its purpose of serving the marginalized and financially excluded citizens. Currently, MiMAP has 17 MBA members and 3.48 ...

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  • Microinsurance Outreach Eyes Expansion Through Alternative Distribution Channels

    Gains, plans, and prospects were presented by Insurance Commissioner Emmanuel Dooc to give an overview of the status of the current stature of microinsurance industry in the Philippines. During his speech, Dooc highlighted that the microinsurance industry remains a positive force inside the financial industry as it plays a pivotal role in uplifting peoples’ lives towards full financial inclusion. Different alternative distribution channels were explored and identified during the annual microinsurance forum to which over 100 participants from the microinsurance industry gathered ...

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