• Lakbay-Aral with the CARD MRI Center Chiefs

    CARD MRI Center Chiefs and coordinators once again flocked at Mi-MAP`s head office to further expand their knowledge about the institution and microinsurance as part of their Lakbay-Aral. The Lakbay-Aral activity aims to establish a closer connection between Mi-MAP and its stakeholders. The center chiefs were all given an office tour of the Mi-MAP office where the participants were acquainted with the people behind the organization. After the office tour, they were given a short orientation at the Executive Lounge of the Medical Plaza Ortigas building. ...

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  • ERM Framework and ORSA Tool Eyed for Financial Inclusion

    Mi-MAP will develop an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) Tool for Microinsurance MBAs (Mi-MBAs) under the program “Building Microinsurers Capacities for Greater Financial Inclusion”. This is made possible through the support from the Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF). The Enterprise Risk Management is designed to identify potential events that may affect an MBA, manage its consequential risks and provide reasonable assurance of objective achievement. Mi-MAP will develop risk policy and register and define the identified risks through a one-day workshop with at least twenty (20) Management/Board from Mi-MBAs. The Own ...

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  • Mi-MAP Conducts Program for Building Microinsurers Capacities

    In line with its long-term goal of achieving 12 million members covering 48 million lives by the year 2024, Mi-MAP co-established the program, Building Microinsurers Capacities for Greater Financial Inclusion. The main mission of the program is to help Mi-MBAs achieve and sustain membership growth through capacity building interventions such as in developing new products, investment management, governance and management training to sustain growth. This program will be funded by CITI Foundation. The said capacity building program will constitute three components. The professional training program will develop new courses in good governance, best business risk management practices ...

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