• One Million Initial Contribution for MiMAP Mutual Security Fund (MSF) Secured in First Year

       Microinsurance MBAs Mutual Security Fund Batch 1  secured the initial contribution amounting to one million for the Mutual Security Fund (MSF) in its first year. The fund targets to accumulate a total of five million in the span of five years, through adding one million fund contribution per yeat. ASKI MBA, CARD MBA, CARE MBA, KGI MBA, K-MBA, SEDP MBA, and PBC MBA composed the first batch of MSF participants who made the initial contribution and were qualified to form part of the MSF..    With its goal of strengthening the mutual protection scheme, the Microinsurance MBA Association ...

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  • Mutual Microinsurance in the Country Showcased in Sri-Lanka

    Last December 2015, Microinsurance MBA Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MiMAP) presented the results of the country study made in the Philippines, highlighting the experiences and practices of CARD, Kasagana Ka MBA and ASKI MBA during the Mutual Microinsurance Country Study and Mi-MBA Business Model Presentation held in Sri Lanka. The event was organized by the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) to showcase the progress of the countries tapped to do the country study. The list includes India, ...

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  • MiMAP Workshop Series: Gearing Towards Effective Leadership and Governance

         A leadership training workshop was held last December 9-11, 2015 dubbed as Life Skills for Effective Mi-MBA Governance, the three-day event focused on discussing various leadership principles, practical applications and other important factors that can help in organizational management to boost leadership and management skills in Mi-MBA governance..    The said leadership training workshop was on its second run as a new training program in professionalizing MBA Board and managers. It aimed to develop the leadership potential and capabilities of the MBA Board, management and ...

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