• Lakbay-Aral with the CARD MRI Center Chiefs

    Five groups of CARD MRI center chiefs and coordinators selected by CARD Bank and CARD NGO visited RIMANSI from September to December 2016 as part of their Lakbay-Aral to expand knowledge on CARD services and its key affiliates. The Center Chiefs were toured around Mi-MAP office where they met the people behind the organization. After the office tour, they were given a short lecture on Mi-MAP’s history and services. The Microfinance Council of the Philippines, Inc.also provided a background of microfinance in ...

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  • Financial inclusion project to use ERM Framework and ORSA Tool

    An Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework and Own Risk Solvency Assessment (ORSA) Tool will be developed for Microinsurance MBAs. This is made possible through the support of Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) under the project Building Microinsurers’ Capacities for Greater Financial Inclusion.  February 2017 is targeted as the pilot ERM assessment for Mi-MAP to facilitate a one-day workshop prior to develop risk policy and risk register including the definition of identified risks. A separate training-workshop for managers and Board of Mi-MBAs about the use of ORSA tool will be targeted also in line with the Microinsurance ...

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  • Mi-MAP initiates Claims Administration Training Series

    The Microinsurance MBA Association of the Philippines, Inc. (Mi-MAP) conducted a series of Claims Administration Trainings in Laguna, Cebu, and Davao from July to September 2016. The trainings aimed to sharpen the knowledge and skills of provincial managers, claims officers and other personnel assigned in different provincial offices on life microinsurance and the processing of claims for beneficiaries.  Topics discussed anchored on the review of claims administration processes as a pivotal aspect on microinsurance operations. These included regulatory and legal frameworks of ...

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