• Learning session and workshop on ERM and ORSA Tool held

    Mi-MAP conducted a learning session and workshop to further expound on the relevance of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework to Microinsurance Mutual Benefit Associations (Mi-MBAs) at St. Giles Hotel in Makati City on September 21, 2016.  Mr. Terence Narine, Actuarial Consultant of the Canadian Cooperative Association, gave an overview of the practice of Enterprise Risk Management in Canada and segued to the discussion of the concepts of ERM and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) tool. His presentation highlighted the important ...

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  • PREMIUM Update: CCA Actuarial Consultant’s Philippine Study Visit

    Mr. Terence Narine, a volunteer technical advisor from the Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA), carried out his study visit in the Philippines on September 11–23, 2016.This is part of the initial stage of the CCA-supported PREMIUM Project —  Bagong Araw Philippines: Rebuilding through Microinsurance and Women’s Micro-enterprises.  The study visit included immersion in various MBAs where Mr. Narine gathered insights on microinsurance processes at the local level. He visited CARD MBA, CARE MBA, and Kasagana-Ka MBA where he observed several center meetings as well for first-hand information on the dynamics of MBA members.  Aside from field visits, ...

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  • Mi-MBA Model presented at Yokohama International Conference

    Mi-MAP Executive Director, Mr. Jun Jay Perez, introduced the Microinsurance Mutual Benefit Association (Mi-MBA) model of the Philippines at the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific held in Yokohama, Japan on July–12–13, 2016.  Mr. Perez discussed that the Mi-MBA model being implemented in the Philippines focuses on prioritizing low-income households and maximizing benefits for beneficiaries. He further emphasized that through thorough research, forging partnerships with monitoring agencies, and enabling policy advocacy, the mutual microinsurance sector flourished in the country.  It serves now as supporting entityin risk reduction by providing resources in time of unforeseen expenditures. ...

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