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  • Lakbay-Aral series for members and staff of CARD continues

    A total of two hundred nineteen (219) CARD members and staff from varied provinces visited RIMANSI as one of the stops in their Lakbay-Aral to widen knowledge on CARD services and its key affiliates. Nine groups of CARD MRI center chiefs, unit managers, account officers and coordinators selected by CARD Bank and CARD NGO visited RIMANSI from July to December 2017. A short lecture on RIMANSI’s history, programs, and services are provided, after which the participants were toured in RIMANSI office to meet the people behind the organization.

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  • Governance and AMLA Workshop for Mi-MBAs held in October

    RIMANSI, in cooperation with the Insurance Commission, held the second run of Governance and AMLA Workshop for 2017 last October 25-27 at Hotel Benilde, Manila. Thirty-eight new Board, management, and staff of ten Mi-MBAs take part in the workshop. Concepts and relevance of good governance and the importance of Board’s roles are the key takeaways of the three-day workshop which is conducted bi-annually to cater to newly elected Board as one of their first training in undertaking their roles in leading the respective Mi-MBAs ...

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  • Seventeen Microinsurance MBAs created their Anti-Fraud plan

    Seventeen anti-fraud plans were formed together in a three-day writeshop organized by RIMANSI for the member Microinsurance MBAs last August 21-23 in Katipunan, Quezon City. The workshop aims to assist the Mi-MBAs in forming their own customized anti-fraud plan, putting together the existing practices in an anti-fraud policy. Thirty-five participants composed mainly of General Managers, Compliance Officers, and Senior Staff worked together in varied group activities to brainstorm the policies that needs to be written down in order to steer clear of fraud in all aspects of the operations.

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