Citi Foundation invests in RIMANSI to build microinsurers’ capacities

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In partnership with Citi Foundation, RIMANSI recently launched Building Microinsurers’ Capacities for Greater Financial Inclusion.  This project consists of capacity building interventions to help Mi-MBAs achieve and sustain membership growth.

 There are three components of the said project:(1) Professional Training Program will develop new courses in good governance, best business risk management practices and claims administration; (2) Product Development will focus mainly on the creation of new products or enhancement of existing products, and; (3) Investment Management Support will be about the creation of an investment mix model for the Mi-MBAs that can assist them in shaping their institutional investment policy as well as establish a network level investment and fund management mechanism.

The project will benefit the association in general through improved leadership and management among Mi-MBAs. It is also seen as an effective tool in propagating the shared development strategy with the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) tagged as 5-5-5 of securing 5 million families in 5 countries of concern in 5 years.

 Citi Foundation, which provided the grant for the execution of this project, is committed to promoting economic progress in communities around the world focusing on initiatives that expand financial inclusion