Mi-MAP Secretariat prepares for 2017

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MIMAPSecretariat6_300Mi-MAP Secretariat held its two-day annual work planning for 2017 regular programs and projects at Casa de San Pablo in San Pablo City, Laguna on November 14–15, 2016.

The Secretariat individually prepared and presented their respective 2017 annual work plan centered on the association’s goal of achieving 12 million members by 2024 insuring 48 million lives. In addition to the regular programs and projects, the Secretariat determined seven new undertakings that are expected to be carried out in 2017, to wit:

• Regular gathering of the Financial and Risk Review Committee to determine and implement corrective actions with Mi-MBAs
• Review and signing of new Service Package 2 contract engagements with members and partners
• Development of new resource mobilization proposals aligned with the strategic plan, and intensify activities that will build up the endowment fund
• Updating of chart of accounts and use a new Peach Tree accounting software
• Development of MiMAP’s organizational charter
• Regular policy dialogue with the Insurance Commissioner
• (write the seventh undertaking)

Ms. May Dawat, MiMAP President, graced the occasion and gave her comments and suggestions to improve individual plans. These plans, upon placement of appropriate budget, will be presented to the Board Meeting, for approval.