First Conduct of the Series of Claims Administration Training Held

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MBA Association of the Philippines debuted the first of the four scheduled Claims Administration Training last May 11-13 in Soleste Suites, Quezon City.The training was commissioned by CARD Mutual Benefit Association to address the problems encountered in the claims settlement process. Thethree-day training aimed to revisit and improve the claims settlement of the CARD MBA and further challenge the 1-3-5ts claim settlement mechanism. Being the largest MBA in the country, CARD MBA efficiently processes 97% of claims in one day. With this training, it articulated its goal to reach the 100% mark.

Respected individuals from different organizations and agencies shared important information with regards to improving claims settlement. The three-day training provided discussions about the basics of microinsurance, foundation of microinsurance MBAs, regulatory framework for microinsurance in the country, medical referencing, and legal basis of rightful beneficiaries for life insurance claims. It also highlighted the link between underwriting and claims processing, the importance of customer interaction and the need to understand civil documents related to claims administration.